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Andreas Metzler is a german bass player, born in Bern (Switzerland). 1998 he moved to the Netherlands and graduated 2004 from the Conservatory of Amsterdam where he lived until 2015. He has played at a number of national and international occasions with local and international musicians (Gary Smulyan, Dick Oatts, Robin Eubanks, David Friedman, Jim Hartog, Tony Miceli, Okay Temiz, Nomy Rosenberg, John Engels, Francois Lindemann, Hein van der Gaag, Saskia Laroo, Michiel Borstlap, Moncef Genoud, Patrick Manzecchi…). Andreas has played in many different groups and styles. Since 2015 he lives and works in Istanbul.

Andreas Metzler bass


macrocosmos Satie.png

Thomas Hilbrandie: guitar

Andreas Metzler: double bass

recorded 2016 in Amsterdam

released 2024


Dirk Flatau: piano
Andreas Metzler: double bass

recorded 2004 in Amsterdam

released 2024


David Friedman: vibraphone
François Lindemann:piano
Andreas Metzler: double bass

TURN LEFT (D.Friedman)

Yeniköy Jazz Days 2022 in Istanbul


François Lindemann: piano
Andreas Metzler: double bass
Cyril Régamey: drums

Song for Mickey (F.Lindemann

2022 Istanbul



Felix Otterbeck: piano
Andreas Metzler: bass
Patrick Manzecchi: drums

Special guest: David Friedman 

More videos: Native City Playlist


Gary Smulyan: baritone
Dick Oatts: alto
Jasper Blom: tenor
David Golek: guitar
Andreas Metzler: bass
Patrick Manzecchi: drums

live at the BIM HUIS in Amsterdam

another bitches brew francois lindemann bora celiker can ömer uygan cyril regamey andreas metzler

KIND OF BITCHES BREW François Lindemann: piano 

Bora Çeliker: guitar 

Ömer Uygan: trumpet 

Andreas Metzler: bass 

Cyril Regamey: drums

Trio Heinrich Heinz Jürgen Niedenhoff Kevin van der Elzen Andreas Metzler


Heinz Jürgen Niedenhoff: piano
Andreas Metzler: bass
Kevin van der Elzen: drums

live at Polanentheater in Amsterdam

Thelonious4 New York Tony Miceli Andreas Metzler Dan Monaghan Guillermo Celano Iman Spaargaren


Tony Miceli: vibraphone

Iman Spaargaren: sax
Guillermo Celano: guitar
Andreas Metzler: bass
Dan Monaghan: drums 

Live in NEW YORK

satie joyce duchamp


Little Prelude to the day (Erik Satie)

Andreas Metzler: bass

Paul van der Feen: sax

Guillermo Celano: guitar

Marcos Baggiani: drums


Andreas Metzler: bass, loops, electronics

live at Zaal 100 in Amsterdam

bassolutions CD Andreas Metzler


Andreas Metzler Concerts


another bitches brew

Robin Eubanks(tb)François Lindemann (p) Andreas Metzler (b) Patrick Manzecchi (d)

17.11.2023 OMT Geneve (CH)

18.11.2023 CHORUS Lausanne (CH)

19.11.2023 STUDIO 5 Kießlegg (DE)

20.11.2023 KULTURZENTRUM Konstanz (DE)

21.11.2023 WEINBERGPAVILLON Kreuzlingen (CH)

23.9.2023 Yeniköy Caz Günleri "François Lindemann(p)Barış Ertürk(ss)Andreas Metzler(b)

13.7.2023 Istanbul Jazz Festival (İKSV) “Another bitches brew” François Lindemann(p) Bora Çeliker(g) Ömer Uygan(tr) Andreas Metzler(b) Cyril Regamey(d)

8.6.2023 Bova/Istanbul “Metzler Quartet” Tamer Temel(ts) Bulut Gülen (tb) Eylül Biçer (g)

6.6.2023 Nardis/Istanbul “Metzler Quartet” Tamer Temel(ts) Bulut Gülen (tb) Eylül Biçer (g)

29.3.2023 Nardis/Istanbul “Metzler Quartet” Tamer Temel(ts) Bulut Gülen (tb) Eylül Biçer (g)

27.1.2023 Bova/Istanbul “Cyril Regamey&Andreas Metzler Connexion” Yannick Barman (tp) Tamer Temel (ts) Moncef Genoud (p) Bora Çeliker (g) Andreas Metzler (b) Cyril Regamey (d).

25.1.2023 Nardis/Istanbul “Cyril Regamey&Andreas Metzler Connexion” Yannick Barman (tp) Tamer Temel (ts) Moncef Genoud (p) Bora Çeliker (g) Andreas Metzler (b) Cyril Regamey (d).

14.12.2022 Nardis/Istanbul “Stanpolites” Evrim Demirel, Anıl Şalliel, Andreas Metzler, Hakan Kılıçoğlu

2.12.2022 Bova/Istanbul “Speak Like Mwandishi” François Lindemann, Bora Çeliker, Ömer Uygan, Andreas Metzler, Cyril Regamey

1.12.2022 Nardis/Istanbul “Speak Like Mwandishi” François Lindemann, Bora Çeliker, Ömer Uygan, Andreas Metzler, Cyril Regamey

30.11.2022 the Badau/Istanbul “Speak Like Mwandishi” François Lindemann, Bora Çeliker, Ömer Uygan, Andreas Metzler, Cyril Regamey

9.10.2022 Bova/Istanbul “New Spirits” Tamer Temel, Andreas Metzler, Cyril Regamey

3.10.2022 Nardis/Istanbul “New Spirits” Engin Recepoğulları, Tamer Temel, Andreas Metzler, Cyril Regamey

1.10.2022 the Badau/Istanbul “kind of bitches brew” François Lindemann, Bora Çeliker, Ömer Uygan, Andreas Metzler, Cyril Regamey

18.9.2022 Apartmanı/Istanbul-Yeniköy “Trans European Trio” François Lindemann, Andreas Metzler, Cyril Regamey

16.9.2022 Bova/Istanbul “kind of bitches brew” François Lindemann, Bora Çeliker, Ömer Uygan, Andreas Metzler, Cyril Regamey

15.9.2022 Nardis/Istanbul “kind of bitches brew” François Lindemann, Bora Çeliker, Ömer Uygan, Andreas Metzler, Cyril Regamey

4.6.2022 Yeniköy Jazz days “David Friedman-François Lindemann-Andreas Metzler”

31.5.2022 deutsches Konsulat Istanbul “François Lindemann-Andreas Metzler-Cyril Régamey”

6.4.2022 the Badau/Istanbul “Lindemann-Metzler-Odman”

3.4.2022 Bova/Istanbul “Lindemann-Metzler Quartet”

31.3.2022 Nardis/Istanbul “Lindemann-Metzler Quartet”

4.2.2022 Zorlu Touche/Istanbul “Stanpolites”

24.12.2021 Stanpolites: CSO/Ankara

2.12.2021 New Solutions: the Badau/Istanbul

30.11.2021 New Solutions: Bova/Istanbul

18.11.2021 Francois Lindemann-Andreas Metzler: Swiss Consulate/Istanbul

24.10.2021 Session: Banyan/Istanbul

2.10.2021 Okay Temiz-Lindemann-Metzler: the Badau/Istanbul

1.10.2021 Okay Temiz-Lindemann-Metzler: the Badau/Istanbul

27.9.2021 Okay Temiz-Lindemann-Metzler: Nardis/Istanbul

26.9.2021 Erik Satie Project: Yeniköy Jazz Days/Istanbul

25.9.2021 Stanpolites: Yeniköy Jazz Days/Istanbul

15.9.2021 Monk Trio: Nardis/Istanbul

8.5.2021 Stanpolites: Borusan Müziek Evi/Istanbul

30.4.2021 Stanpolites CRR/Istanbul

Frank Zappa Flying Spaghetti Monster Kommissar Muckl Erik Satie Friedrich Nietzsche Papst Gregor


ODE AN DIE POPMUSIK I – IV is composed by Peer Baierlein and based on popular Pop Songs.

I NORWEGIAN WOOD: The animation is based on the original lyrics of the Song

II Rehab: Describes the alcohol addiction of Amy Winehouse, which is also mentioned in the lyrics of the original Song.

III Hallelujah: Based on some ideas in the original lyrics of the Song, where King David appears.

IV Ring of Fire: Although “Ring of Fire” sounds somewhat ominous, the term refers to falling in love – which is what June Carter (wife of Johnny Cash) was experiencing with Johnny Cash at the time. Some sources claim that June had seen the phrase, “Love is like a burning ring of fire,” underlined in one of her uncle A. P. Carter’s Elizabethan books of poetry. She worked with Kilgore on writing a song inspired by this phrase as she had seen her uncle do in the past. In the 2005 film, “Walk the Line” June is depicted as writing the song while agonizing over her feelings for Cash despite his drug addiction and alcoholism as she was driving home one evening.The song was originally recorded by June’s sister, Anita Carter. After hearing Anita’s version, Cash claims he had a dream where he heard the song accompanied by “Mexican horns”. When the song failed to become a major hit for Anita, Cash recorded it his own way, adding the mariachi-style horns. Four years after the song was released, Carter and Cash were married which Cash states helped to stop his alcohol and drug addictions. Cash’s daughter, Rosanne has stated, “The song is about the transformative power of love and that’s what it has always meant to me and that’s what it will always mean to the Cash children.”

KOMMISSAR MUCKL was originally created as a comics. Muckl is in german language and is based on a parodic idea of the german crime TV serie “Tatort”. Muckl is also inspired by Underground Comix as the “Fabulous Fury Freak Brothers” and the “Peter Punk” character (which appears in a song of the german band “Trio”) is a kind of friend of Muckl or actually more a second character of himself as he wishes to be or he wishes to have been stayed as he was in his youth. The music in this animations is played by BASSOLUTIONS.

MEDITATION is the third piano piece of “avant-dernières pensées” by ERIK SATIE. Satie often wrote some text into the sheet music sometimes to give an idea for the pianist how to play, sometimes a kind of short story to express the music.Satie said that those written words were NOT suposed to read for the audience. In “Meditation” the story is very interesting, even he dedicated this composition to Albert Roussel, this text is actually about himself. Satie called him self a “poet” also he was involved in all arts. He wasn’t always very successfull and he hardly couldn’t live from music, no wonder if he had doubts (“bitter desillusion”). In my animation Satie is the poet, the devil AND the genius. The music is played by MAKROKOSMOS.

WHAT THE LITTLE TULIP PRINCESS IS SAYING is another compositon of ERIK SATIE from the “Children Pieces”. Also this composition has a short story which touched me a lot. The music is played by BASSOLUTIONS

KYRIE V is a composition of Tilo Weber. I made this music clip for the “TILO WEBER QUARTET” from Berlin. The composition is based on a gregorian chant. I made charicatures of the band members, Pope Gregor, Friedrich Nietzsche, John M. Allegro, Frank Zappa and the Flying Spaghetti Monster appearing in this clip.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE is a short animation about murder, arbitrary rule, war, nuclear weapons and envirenmental pollution. In short = stupiness of human being

MUCKL NEWS was created for Instagram. End of 2020 the Newspapers wrote more or less only about Trump and Corona. I have chosen Muckl, who opens the newspaper every day until he decides to prefer drinking beer instead of reading news.



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